Jan 062011

“Hey!” he says loudly.

I turn around to see the guy sitting behind me on the Canada Line on his cell phone. I turn back to my book. I can clearly hear the person on the other end, even though I have earphones on (but no music).

“The volume on my phone is way too high, I need to call you back,” he says. The conversation continues. The other person can’t hear him well, so he tells her this loudly once or twice more before they end the call. Another call comes in, or maybe he places one himself.

“I am way over on my incoming and outgoing minutes,” he tells the person on the other end, but they talk a few minutes more before he hangs up.

Dec 162010

I happened to catch Santa and the good elves of Vancouver transit today near Stadium Skytrain with their sleighs full of toys for good little girls and boys.

Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed RainBus

Rudolph the RedNosed RainShuttle

The elves, aka employees of Coast Mountain Bus Company, Translink, West Van Transit, Seabus, and GVTAPS (the transit police), will be delivering 2,798 toys to Toys for Tots. This is their 25th year, and they tell me they’ve delivered more than 49,000 presents in the last 24 years.

The Sleigh Full of Toys

Sep 172010

Just saw a woman on the Skytrain completely change her outfit, including undergarments, w/o revealing anything (and while staying seated). Between the Patterson and Granville stations. Nimble!

Sep 082010

On the bus to my Vancouver office awhile ago, I saw a bewigged lady walk by several available seats and order a mentally handicapped woman out of hers: “That seat is for seniors. Get OUT!”

The handicapped woman compliantly moved.

I resisted the temptation to go over and scold this “senior”: Bad karma, lady!

Two stops later, she left “her” seat and was walking over to the back exit door when the bus-driver braked hard at a yellow light, sending her flying toward the front of the bus, crashing into the ticket machine. It must have been fifteen feet. She could have broken her neck, but she didn’t.

She got up, dusted herself off, pronounced herself A-OK, and apologized to the bus driver and then to everybody on the bus, for not holding on to the railing more tightly. A picture of humility and grace.

One person, one bus-ride, two different people.

Sep 062010

Conversation heard on the 502 bus:
First woman: “My boyfriend called me last night. He said he wanted to tell me he was terribly in love with me.”
Second woman: “What did you say?”
First: “I asked him what bar he was in.”
Second: “My boyfriend took me out for our three-month anniversary dinner last weekend. A beautiful restaurant. Romantic. Wine. Dancing. After a slow dance he held me there, on the dance floor, and told me that I was the love of his life.”
First: “What did you say?”
Second: “I said I liked his shirt.”